Friday, April 1, 2011

Time has flown by and I am finally finding time to post images from a solo exhibition I installed at Black Mountain Center for the Arts Sept 10 - Oct 21, 2010. I had a show there in 2003 when I was just beginning to build this new body of work. This recent exhibit included a full range of media; textiles, ceramics, collages, wire and gut and mixed media. The space is a wonderful space for the current scale of my work. It is intimate and yet allows me to play with groupings and vignettes. I love it when I have the opportunity to install a show. It allows me to explore new arrangements and create interesting relationships between individual pieces. The time I spent installing exhibits at the Asheville Art Museum was definitely evident in the composition and feeling created by the exhibition.
I am interested in a sense of a story, of an evoked narrative between materials and forms. Shadows created by and the space between forms are part of this idea of relationship and dialogue that I am expressing.